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    It’s summer and cotton tote bags are totally in. Whether you are going to the beach, going to the park, or simply going out with friends this is the ideal accessory. It is is light weight and you can fit many things in it. It seems almost too good to be true.Another benefit of this reusable reusable tote bags shopping bag is that it can be customized. Simply imagine the endless possibilities. You can have a cotton tote bag with stripes, polka dots, the logo of your favorite brand, and why not, even a picture of your dog. You can mix and match them with your outfit and the added bonus is that they look incredibly stylish.What about travel? Can you take this bag with you? The answer is simple, not only can you take one cotton tote bag with you, but many more. They fit in easily in your luggage and they don’t weigh more than a T-shirt. In addition, they are perfect for taking them to the beach. You can fit in your towel, sunscreen and even a deflated beach ball for you to play with.As for shopping, the name says it all. A reusable shopping bag has many benefits. One of them is the fact that it helps you carry your groceries without it breaking, as opposed to plastic or paper bags. In addition, it does not pollute the environment, as it is eco friendly. Of course, another benefit of the cotton tote bag is that it is reusable. You can take it with you shopping over and over again.Cotton tote bags resist the time test as you can use them year after year without them breaking. In addition, they do not really go out of style, so that is another bonus. It seems like a dream come true. The best of both worlds as some might actually phrase it. A stylish bag that is both useful and resists the test of time. I guess that you can’t really beat this.If you have not yet found your ideal tote cotton bag, you could check our catalog. Or maybe you are looking for a new piece to add to your collection. Let’s be honest, you can never really have too many bags. After all, they are both useful and stylish, the ideal combination.


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