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    To post news on treedow and share on Facebook page, follow this instructions: First you open three different pages, one is the treedow page, second is the source of the news, third is your Facebook page.
    Next you go the source of the news and copy the headline of your intended news, then go to treedow and place your mouse on Forum and click on celebrity news. The page will open, and you can scroll down to see the box to post. On the top you will see where to post the head line. Then go back to the body of the news and copy all the news. Go back to treedow and paste the body of the on the box. If there’s or are pictures with the news, with your right mouse cluck on the picture to copy the picture, then go back to treedow, beliw the headlines you will see some abbreviated alphabets. Click on “img” and you see a box open on the top of your screen. Paste what you copied on the space that you will see http://
    Once this is pasted then scroll down to the bottom where you will see submit and click on it and your story will appear.
    Next, to share this on your Facebook page, copy the news you just posted on treedow by selecting and copying the browser which vegins with http://treedow.org…….., go to your Facebook page and paste it where it says say something, and your news would be shared on your Facebook page. Share this with your friends and other members


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